Eye bags Contrast it with the massage

Discover the right remedies and treatments for bags under the eyes

Tired and heavy look: the tendency to have bags under the eyes, redness and dark circles depends on various factors ranging from genetics, to lifestyle, to our facial structure. However, this does not mean that there is nothing we can do to improve the appearance of our eye area!
But how to get rid of bags under the eyes? Like any other type of facial massage, the specific massage techniques for the eye area are ideal for toning and promoting the beauty of the eye area. This delicate area particularly tends to present bags as a result of the extreme elasticity of the skin, which is much thinner than that of the rest of the face. The goal of this massage technique is to stimulate the microcirculation around the eyes. This helps improve blood flow, promoting vasodilation and counteracting fluid retention, which is responsible for the tired look that many of us have in the morning when we wake up.
The good news? You can practice this technique for a bright, open and rested look at home with peace of mind.

Bags under the eyes: which products to apply

First you need to choose the right tools for the job! Of course, ingredients are key when choosing the right eye care for you, but the texture of the product is just as important. To treat bags under the eyes and pamper the contour area with an extra dose of love and attention, choose a fluid gel treatment, to avoid irritating and rubbing the skin. Apply a little more product than you normally would, to make movements as gentle and fluid as possible.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes with massage

Start by locating your lymph glands - which have the function of draining excess fluids from your body - on both sides of your face. Apply light pressure with your fingertips, moving from the cheekbones upwards and then sliding towards the temples . This movement helps to effectively convey excess water accumulated in the "bags" under the skin around the eyes.

Then, using about double the amount of product you normally use, apply the treatment by tapping it with the tip of the ring fingers, which exert a much more gentle pressure on the eye contour than the index or middle fingers. Tap gently moving from the inside (where the tear duct is) to the outside of the eyetowards the final part of the eyebrows , making sure to let the product absorb into the skin with small circular movements.

Used repeatedly, this technique helps you tone the eye area, leaving less free space for excess fluid to accumulate. Result? Your eyes are less prone to early morning puffiness and you can face the day looking fresh and rested!

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