Pay for the Skill, not the ML

This is something we are hearing more from our aesthetic practitioners, who are increasingly having to justify themselves and their prices against cheaper establishments.

But what does the price really mean for you?

When you pay for a treatment, you’re not just paying for ‘a ml of filler’ or ‘3 areas of Botox” you’re paying your Medical Practitioner for:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Treatment planning
  • Equipment
  • Premium products
  • Endless hours of training and education
  • Tax
  • Rent
  • Aftercare and support

Just to name a few! So your treatment should be slightly more pricey than a visit to the nail, hair or beauty salon, otherwise you have to ask yourself, where are they not spending the money?

Are they qualified?

Is the product safe?

Would you be happy to cut corners when it comes to your face?

This is very reassuring that people are starting to pay more attention to how medically qualified their practitioner is to carry out the treatment, and that they are able to deal with adverse reactions and supply the appropriate medication and drugs.

So next time you are asking, how much is my treatment?

Remember that they should be reassuringly expensive, to pay for the experience of your chosen injector, the best products on the market supplied from reputable drug companies and a result you are pleased with.

Location can also be a big indicator, if you walk into an establishment and feel like it is not set up as a clinical setting, is not clean and you do not feel safe, it is never to late to say no and walk away! Safety is key.

A price that’s too good to be true? Probably because it is!

Cheap Isn’t Good & Good Isn’t Cheap

When you see someone has an offer on for fillers, do you think to yourself wow what a bargain or that seems suspiciously cheap?

I urge you to go with the latter.

Whilst it is true that brands of dermal fillers can vary widely and product choice is always a factor taken into account where your patient’s budget is concerned. This should never be the sole deciding factor upon an aesthetics treatment.

You should always take into account the price you are paying should incorporate the injectors skill and competency to treat. At ADL Aesthetics we are trained to an advanced level in the dermal filler treatments we offer to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest techniques that our patients can benefit from.

We only ever use reputable suppliers for all our products to ensure the utmost safety at all times. Your safety, health and well-being are always our priority at ADL Aesthetics. Above all other advice is to research your treatment and only go to a trusted medical professional for your Aesthetics treatments. Your health and wellbeing are far too important not to.

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