Luxsmile Activated Charcoal 3D Natural Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel Strips




  • The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Strips:Designed and formulated by professionals to create the ultimate teeth whitening strips, providing noticeable results in just one use! Our enamel friendly formula is gentle on your gums, leaving you with a much brighter smile in just 14 days
  • Very Easy Applications, No Slip No Grip Technology: Our teeth whitening strips are extremely easy to use and our no slip no grip technology ensures natural looking evenly white teeth. 
  • Perfect Formula: We have worked incredibly hard to create the best teeth whitening strips that ensure maximum results without using the harmful chemical hydrogen peroxide. After 6 months of tirelessly testing different formulas & combinations we have produced the perfect formula to guarantee results without causing harm or damage to your teeth.
  • Non-Peroxide & Fluoride Free Formula: Our formula works a treat for even those with sensitive teeth and we can guarantee no mouth irritation which is caused by peroxide based formulas. 
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