Skin care essentials Six Skincare steps before you go to sleep

skin care essential

This routine may seem too demanding, but it is essential to maintain healthy skin and prevent wrinkles, dryness and other types of skin problems

Many women regret starting their facial cleansing and skin care routine too late. Already after thirty they begin to be aware of the importance of cosmetics and that routine of care. The important thing is to educate both women and men (they also have to take care of their skin) in these fundamental daily steps because the sooner they start, the better the results. Expression lines and wrinkles, spots, etc. will take longer to appear.

The first step to achieve healthy skin is to take advantage of the night so that the products we have invested in them act with all their power. How to get it? Follow this routine and you will soon notice the results. It may seem too long, but it is worth it. It shouldn't take you more than 15-20 minutes and you can take advantage of them to listen to music, watch your favorite series or even talk with a friend.

Cleanser and makeup remover

It is the first step and perhaps the most important before going to sleep. Whether you have put on makeup or you shouldn't clean your face. The needs are different if you get to be with your face washed with a soft makeup or if you have gone out at night and you strived with the "smoky eye".


You must choose a  makeup remover suitable  for what you need  and  for your skin type . Try to avoid  common mistakes , for example, the wipes are only for emergencies, do not use natural soap, do not mistreat the eye area ... For eyes and lips there are specific make-up removers with great results.

Nor will you be able to achieve a complete cleaning with the famous micellar water , there are many cosmetic experts who advise cleansing milks or gels as the best product.

Exfoliation or mask

It will be your own skin that will give you clues about the periodicity of the exfoliations that you need to do at home and the product that you should use, whether natural or cosmetic. It is essential to use scrub regularly  from the age of 30 , once or twice a week.

Apply the product (choose it according to your skin type = on dry skin in a small dose on the nose, cheeks, neck, forehead and chin, avoiding the eye contour -whose skin is four times thinner- and  Gently massage emulsifying the product with a little water  to make the application more pleasant, insisting on the most problematic areas, which are usually the nose and chin.Rinse with lukewarm water and continue your routine.

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Also on a weekly basis you can use a mask . In the market you will find many types of specific facial masks (also for lips, neck, neckline ...) to achieve different results. Antiage, moisturizing, for blackheads , for greater illumination, etc.


We have to  return to our skin the PH  it has lost after cleansing and prepare it so that the sealing treatment, the subsequent moisturizer, is really effective. The toner  will be used after the cleanser or make-up remover and before the moisturizer (letting it air dry and naturally).

There are three ways to apply the toner: With a cotton ball or a make-up remover pad so as not to mistreat the skin; with the hand without making circles by simply "smearing" the face or as a mist with the help of a spray applicator.

Eye and lip contour

Special areas that require specific care . Many times we forget about them, but now that you are going to follow this step by step, it doesn't have to happen to you anymore.

These products contain specific formulas adapted to the eye or lip contour , since the skin in this area presents significant differences compared to the rest of the face (more sensitive, drier, with a greater tendency to dehydration) and with specific problems (bags, dark circles, cracks ...). In the case of the eye contour, as a general rule apply them to the lower eyelid. Remember that the application area is on the bone that forms the eye socket .


A facial serum is a care product that usually has a higher concentration of active ingredients in its formula. They have a texture that is lighter than that of creams, balms or masks, so they penetrate the skin much more easily.


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«You must apply your facial serum first and on clean skin, because you want its active ingredients to be in direct contact with the skin and that there is no prior barrier (such as a cream) that hinders its absorption . Tip: you should know that if you include both cosmetics in your daily care, in many cases  the serum will multiply the results of your cream . However, you can use without any problem only the serum for a lighter care ”, say the experts at L'Oréal Paris.


By using a night product, we are able to compensate for the lack of nutritional elements and also provide immediate comfort and elements that help improve the skin's repair and detoxification mechanisms. The continuous application of the product will improve the condition of the skin and its barrier function, improving the night-time recovery of the skin.

We can choose the product, a night cream, depending on our needs: moisturizing in the case of dehydrated skin that need a quick and more intensive treatment, nourishing in the case of constitutional or acquired dry skin, anti-aging , etc. Also take care of the way you apply your night cream because that can make a difference.


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