Dreaming of sexy, ‘cat-like’ eyes? The hugely popular PDO threat eye lift or ‘fox eye lift’ is now available at ADL Aesthetics. A fast, relatively pain-free treatment with big results the fox eye lift can be done on your lunch break.

PDO threads one of the most innovative non-surgical treatments available on the market today. Delivering results that could only previously be applied with surgery or multiple dermal fillers.

The fox eye lift is designed to lift the outer corners of your eyes and the tail of your eyebrow, giving the eye a very desirable shape, and reducing sagging related to age. The treatment is popular with several high-profile celebrities because of the beautiful eye shape that can be created.

The treatment is quite simple – using dissolvable suture threads, the outer brow and eye corner is pulled to lift any sagging of the upper eyelid. The amount of lift given is completely customisable, depending on the severity of sagging and the result you want to achieve.

Benefits Of Fox Eye Lift

  • Sexy ‘cat-eye’ shape
  • Reduced sagging of the upper eyelid
  • Correct droopy eyes
  • Very few side effects
  • Surgery free with minimal downtime


Things to Expect after a PDO Thread Lift

1. You Can’t Exercise After a PDO Thread Lift

Unfortunately, you must avoid exercising for seven days after your treatment. You can still walk at a moderate pace. However, you must avoid performing vigorous cardiovascular exercise or resistance training. If you have any questions about what makes up moderate exercise, please call us at ADL AESTHETICS

2. You Can’t Take Certain Vitamins and Medications
In the seven days following your anti-aging treatment, you must stop taking any nutritional supplements or medications that can thin your blood. The most common blood-thinning medications include NSAID and MAOIs. Nutritional supplements you should stop taking include vitamins A, C and E, garlic supplements, Gingko Biloba and fish oil.

3. If you feel the need to take a NSAID take half of a gram of Tylenol every six hours as necessary. Ibuprofen and naproxen, in particular, should be avoided. Such medications impede the collagen formation process significantly.

4. You Will Have a Follow-Up Appointment

14 days after your thread lift, you will come in for a follow-up appointment. This is the perfect opportunity to ask us any further questions you have about your “recovery” process. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about maintenance or touch-up treatments if your results aren’t perfect.

5. You Can’t Consume Alcohol

Unfortunately, you can’t consume alcohol within seven days of your treatment. Alcohol elevates your blood pressure by flushing an excess of water and nutrients from your body. It is crucial that your body has enough water and nutrients to build up new collagen after your treatment.

6. You Must Avoid Walk-In Freezers and Saunas

During the 10 days after your anti-aging treatment, it is important to avoid changing your body temperature too much. A sauna may be relaxing, but you’ll have to wait 10 days after your treatment before you can enjoy one. Moreover, if you work regularly in a walk-in cooler or freezer, you will need to take 10 days off of work.

7. You Must Wait to Have Other Anti-Aging Treatments

After your PDO threads, you have to wait for the treatment to take effect before you can receive other anti-aging treatments. If you are interested in platelet-rich plasma therapy, microneedling, or dermal fillers, we strongly recommend scheduling these treatments before your thread lift.

Moreover, you should definitely schedule certain anti-aging treatments before your thread lift. For instance, radiofrequency (RF) treatments, laser treatments, and IPL treatments must be scheduled for 10 weeks after your thread lift.

8. You Are Free to Wash Your Face After Treatment

You can wash your treatment site gently with a gentle cleanser starting on the day of your treatment. However, you must avoid rubbing or massaging your face for two weeks after treatment.

9. You May Need to Reschedule Dental Appointments

If you are having a dental procedure or routine cleaning performed, reschedule your appointment. It is important to not open your mouth too wide for three to four weeks after treatment. We strongly recommend that our clients do not attend a dental appointment within two weeks of your thread lift.

10. You Will Experience Long-Lasting Results

The results of your treatment will continue to improve for one to two months after treatment. Most of our clients find that their results improve for six weeks after treatment. Of course, this regards the skin rejuvenation effects. The skin lifting effects are fully visible immediately.

Between six and nine months after your treatment, your threads will dissolve. However, the results of your treatment will last around three years past this point. For even more dramatic results or longer-lasting results, some of our clients come in after their threads initially dissolve. If you come in for a touch-up treatment, your results can last up to four years.

You Can Extend the Results of Your Treatment

We strongly encourage our clients to care for the health of their skin. To extend the results of your treatment, drink between 64 and 128 ounces of water daily. The collagen and elastin that support the shape and texture of your skin require adequate hydration to remain healthy and strong. Moreover, you should stop smoking and wear sunscreen.

Post Care PDO Procedure

PDO threads are absorbable synthetic polymer that is highly versatile. The PDO thread will biodegrade over a period of 4 to 6 months. The PDO thread will create micro injures to the skin causing it to have a positive result on the dermal layers, for example, increase blood flow. Results from this treatment may take up to 3 weeks or longer for the treatment effect to be noticeable.

After Your PDO Thread Placement:

To achieve the best possible result from your treatment, follow these instructions carefully. If you have any question or problems that are not addressed here, call our office, and we’ll be happy to help.

Normal response:

• Bruising, and swelling normal can use over counter arnica topical
• Post procedure discomfort medication to use: Tylenol - helpful for post procedure for 7 to 10 days • Most discomfort occurs in the first 24 to 48 hours. Place ice on very gently just in case of bruising. • Stinging, “pulling”, itchy sensation will decrease at about 3 to 5 weeks
What you need to Avoid:
• Avoid heavy exercises for 1 week, this causes extreme facial movements
• Do not touch or wash your face for 30 minutes
• Do not pull down on face for 4 weeks
• Eat soft foods, no large bites for 7 days
• Sleep on back for 3-4 days
• Do not chew gum for 2 weeks
• No facial massages for 4 weeks
• Limiting facial movements will help lifting threads to stay in place, so no dental work unless strictly necessary • Avoid heat in treatment area like saunas, IPL lasers or radio frequency treatment for 30 days
• Avoid medication that affect the blood clotting effects like fish oils, vitamin's C, A & E for 7 days
If you experience increased redness, swelling, pain at injection or thread coming out in area, please notify the office.




Puckering of the skin,  light bruising and also dimples from the entry points of the threads is expected. Some swelling or redness after the procedure is also expected. These side effects are expected after any thread lift and should improve with a few days.


For the first after treatment, you should avoid any treatments on your face or dental treatment. Contact sports should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. To avoid complications to the treated area on the face or neck, it is advised that you sleep on your back.

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