You will be given a step-by-step guide at the beginning of your teeth whitening appointment and asked to follow simple instructions following your appointment.

A shade guide is used to let you check the shade of your teeth before and after the appointment.

The teeth will be gently cleansed and scrubed. At this stage, any recent surface stains are removed and the enamel is given a gentle exfoliation. A textured accelerator wipe is coated with an activation spray and the teeth are brushed. As well as giving the teeth a deep cleanse, this will build up a lather and foam which helps draw the gel into the pores of your enamel.A sterile mouth guard is then removed from a sealed foil packet and non-peroxide gel is applied. This is then placed into your mouth and a pair of protective goggles are provided.

Then you Sit back, relax and let the teeth whitening gel and laser light get to work! The laser light creates an oxidation reaction which will remove stains and tooth discolouration from the inside out.

most customers see an 8 – 12 shade improvement.

We also offer a full range of aftercare products to maximise the results of your appointment and maintain the whiteness.

The purchase of Naturawhite’s 3-Step Self-Administered teeth Whitening System is a cheaper alternative to teeth whitening treatments that are provided by dentists. Self-administered systems do not require dental registration and have provided safe and successful results without the need to attend a Dentist. Naturawhite is not offering a dental treatment, dental service or anything that might constitute the practice of dentistry as defined under the Dentists Act 1984.


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