Sick of that runny nose and itchy eyes? Our hayfever injections can help relieve your symptoms!

Plagued by hay fever every spring and wish you had a quick-fix solution? Allergies can be all-consuming and make your life extremely difficult. If medicines and nasal sprays don't give you any reprieve from your pesky pollen allergy, you might have considered trying a hay fever injection.

Whilst the injection doesn't cure hayfever - it does supress the immune system in order to rid of those pesky hayfever symptoms.

Hay fever sufferers generally only require one injection to reduce symptoms for the entire hay fever season. Compared to taking tablets every day, that's very convenient.

BENEFITS OF Hayfever Injections

  • No more runny noses and itchy eyes
  • Covers you for the entire hayfever season
  • More convenient than tablets & nasal sprays
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Are Hayfever Injections painful?

This treatment is not painful however you may experience discomfort and/or redness at the injection site.

Some patients also report mild itching, or a feeling of swelling all over the body.

How many treatments are required?

One hayfever injection should cover you for the entire hayfever season!

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