Within the skin plasma beam triggers a range of natural responses which can be very useful in treating acne and problematic skin.

Destroys Bacteria

Plasma energy destroys bacteria both on the skin and within the pores. Although bacteria will recur, the sterilisation can stop the over-activity which causes flareups of acne and inflammations.

Aids Absorption

Plasma treatment stimulates the skin in a number of ways. One key benefit is that skin treated by plasma can better absorb any creams or serums that are applied, so that they are more effective.
Accelerated Healing – plasma energy treatment stimulates the body’s healing processes, resulting in faster improvement of redness, cysts or inflamed lesions.

Skin Regeneration

After treatment, the skin’s regeneration processes kick in. Over the next few weeks, the skin will produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin. This helps the skin to look healthier, clearer and rejuvenated.


  • A revolutionary cosmetic treatment that offers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures but delivers perfect facial rejuvenation. The plasma technology stimulates the production of collagen and tightens aging skin.
  • Combining with our signature ozone release, it inactivates bacteria, improves skin immunity, and speed up natural healing. Perfect device to tackle both aging and inflammatory concerns.
  • Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that is created by using modular electric discharge and delivered directly to the skin surface. The three molecule structure of ozone is highly reactive which allows creating a curative response. It is effective in kills various bacteria, reduces inflammation especially for oil and acne-prone skin.


Ozone Plasma


Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it sends ozone deep into the skin destroying the germs that cause acne. It sterilizes as it goes, refining and removing the scars left behind, tightening the skin, repairing damaged cells and stimulating collagen. Your skin gets brighter and smoother, and acne marks fade.

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